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In these days of uncertainty, we need to look to the tried and true. A return to the days of true craftsmanship and style but with all the modern advances, including double glazing, that add value to your home.

Timber subfloor, timber weatherboards, 2.7 metre stud height, studs at 400mm centres, colonial skirting and architraves add to the genuine feel of yesteryear. No leaky home problems, much safer when nature growls, timeless design and proven methods all add up to a home that has it all.

The following plans all have the same material content with variations for kitchen and hardware values. You may change the floor plan to suit with minor interior changes attracting no additional charge, major changes will be charged for depending on extent of work required.

The Designer Kitset Company: New Zealand kitset homes, superior in quality and design

For over 22 years the Designer Kitset Company has been producing beautiful kitset homes for people in Auckland, Hamilton, Waikato and all around New Zealand. We provide a range of designs to suit contemporary and traditional tastes, and are happy to make customisations to meet your needs.

Building a New Zealand new house is easy with our kitset homes

Kitset homes are becoming very popular in New Zealand as people learn the many benefits they bring. When you buy a kitset home, you can build in the location of your choice, and customise a home to suit your requirements. You won't have to "settle" for something not quite right, or make costly renovations. Choosing a kitset home also makes the process of building a house far easier, and you can trust that your home will be high quality and built to last.

We always produce great results - just look through our gallery and read through our testimonials to see for yourself.

Discover how special our NZ Kitset Homes can be

Please feel free to browse our Contemporary designs, or see our Nostalgic designs if you prefer a classic look. Or to find out more about getting a kitset house from the Designer Kitset Company, please get in contact with us today. Wherever you are in New Zealand, we can organise the perfect kitset home for you.